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Is Surgical Weight Loss Right For You?

Making the decision to pursue Gastric surgery options is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. Individuals who have attempted to lose weight and have not been successful sometimes need surgical intervention. There are multiple procedures available and individuals need to learn about gastric sleeve surgery and others so they will be able to make the best choice. The more informed the individual is, the better equipped they will be to make the right decision for their weight loss and health needs.

Good Candidates for Weight Loss Surgery

Before a person is approved for weight loss surgery, they will need to go through the approval process. The following criteria generally make a person a good candidate for this procedure. For additional reading, look below.


The individual is obese and has comorbidities that make losing weight critical for their health.

The individual has fully prepared themselves for the process and is ready to make the necessary lifestyle changes for success.

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The individual needs to educate themselves on the risks and advantages of the surgery so they will be able to make the right decision.


Types of Weight Loss Procedures

There are four main weight loss procedures that can be carried out. The one that is chosen will depend on the patient’s unique needs. The following offers information on these procedures so individuals will be more informed.


Gastric bypass is a procedure that divides the upper portion of the stomach from the bottom. The small intestines are also re-routed to help with decreased calorie absorption and improved digestion. In this procedure, the small pouch helps to greatly reduce caloric intake.

The adjustable gastric band procedure produces a smaller stomach pouch that gradually decreases in size and volume. The band can be adjusted according to the needs of the patient.


The gastric sleeve procedure removes about 80% of the stomach and creates a sleeve that is the approximate size of a banana.

Duodenal switch procedures use a gastric sleeve procedure and then bypasses much of the small intestines.


If you would like to learn more about these procedures and the process, visit our site. Weight loss surgery is a life-changing event that can aid you in your weight loss efforts. While it takes dedication and a concerted effort, weight loss procedures can greatly improve your health and your vitality. Call today if you are interested in scheduling a consultation appointment to get started right away. 

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